Chapter 10. RSTP and EtherChannel Configuration

This chapter covers the following exam topics:

2.0 Network Access

2.4 Configure and verify (Layer 2/Layer 3) EtherChannel (LACP)

2.5 Describe the need for and basic operations of Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol and identify basic operations

2.5.a Root port, root bridge (primary/secondary), and other port names

2.5.b Port states (forwarding/blocking)

2.5.c PortFast benefits

This chapter shows how to configure Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and Layer 2 EtherChannels. The EtherChannel content, in the second major section of the chapter, follows a typical flow for most configuration/verification topics in a certification guide: it reviews concepts, shows configurations, and provides show commands ...

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