Chapter 20. Implementing OSPF

This chapter covers the following exam topics:

3.0 IP Connectivity

3.2 Determine how a router makes a forwarding decision by default

3.2.b Administrative distance

3.2.c Routing protocol metric

3.4 Configure and verify single area OSPFv2

3.4.a Neighbor adjacencies

3.4.b Point-to-point

3.4.c Broadcast (DR/BR selection)

3.4.d Router ID

OSPFv2 requires only a few configuration commands if you rely on default settings. To use OSPF, all you need to do is enable OSPF on each interface you intend to use in the network, and OSPF uses messages to discover neighbors and learn routes through those neighbors. However, the complexity of OSPFv2 results in a large number of show commands, many of which reveal those default settings. ...

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