Chapter 24. Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Routers

This chapter covers the following exam topics:

1.0 Network Fundamentals

1.9 Compare and contrast IPv6 address types

1.9.a Global unicast

1.9.b Unique local

1.9.c Link local

1.9.d Anycast

1.9.e Multicast

1.9.f Modified EUI 64

With IPv4 addressing, some devices, like servers and routers, typically use static predefined IPv4 addresses. End-user devices do not mind if their address changes from time to time, and they typically learn an IPv4 address dynamically using DHCP. IPv6 uses the same approach, with servers, routers, and other devices in the control of the IT group often using predefined IPv6 addresses, and with end-user devices using dynamically learned IPv6 addresses.

This chapter focuses ...

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