Configuring OSPF

Configuring basic OSPF isn’t as simple as configuring RIP and EIGRP, and it can get really complex once the many options that are allowed within OSPF are factored in. But that’s okay—for your studies, you should be interested in the basic single-area OSPF configuration. The following sections describe how to configure single-area OSPF.

These two elements are the basic elements of OSPF configuration:

  • Enabling OSPF
  • Configuring OSPF areas

Enabling OSPF

The easiest and also least scalable way to configure OSPF is to just use a single area. Doing this requires a minimum of two commands.

The command you use to activate the OSPF routing process is as follows:

Router(config)#router ospf ?


A value in the range from 1 to ...

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