Chapter 13. Cloud Performance and Capacity Management

This chapter covers the following topics:

4.0 Cloud Systems Management and Monitoring

4.3 Describe Cisco UCS Performance Manager

4.3.a Describe capacity planning

4.3.b Describe bandwidth monitoring

4.3.c Describe how host groups facilitate dynamic monitoring

4.5 Perform cloud monitoring using Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Cisco UCS Director, Cisco Prime infrastructure

4.5.a Describe fault monitoring

4.5.b Describe performance monitoring

4.5.c Describe monitoring of provisioning outcomes

4.6 Create monitoring dashboards

4.6.a Configure custom dashboards

4.6.b Configure threshold settings

5.0 Cloud Remediation

5.1 Configure serviceability options

5.1.a Configure syslog

5.1.b Configure NTP

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