Chapter 6. VLAN and Trunking Concepts

This chapter covers the following exam topics:

2.2. Describe classic Ethernet fundamentals

2.2.a. Forward

2.2.b. Filter

2.2.c. Flood

2.2.d. MAC address table

2.3 Describe switching concepts and perform basic configuration

2.3.a. STP

2.3.b. 802.1q

At its heart, the Layer 2 switching logic on Ethernet switches receives Ethernet frames, makes decisions, and then forwards (switches) those Ethernet frames. That core logic revolves around MAC addresses, the interface in which the frame arrives, and the interfaces out which the switch forwards the frame.

Several switch features have some impact on an individual switch’s decisions about where to forward frames, but of all the topics in this book, the virtual LAN ...

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