Appendix B. Need to Know More?


This appendix provides a list of references that we think are useful either for CCENT/CCNA exam preparation or for general networking knowledge.

CCENT and Basic Networking

  • The Cisco CCNA Prep Center is a mine of useful resources, with reference articles, videos, forums, mock tests, and links to other material, as well. Sign up and visit often; you’ll see the two of us online every once in a while, too:

  • CCNA Exam Prep 2 (Exam 640-801); ISBN: 0-7897-3519-9

    Our good friend and mentor Dave Minutella, along with his coauthors Heather Stevenson and Jeremy Cioara, wrote the companion volume to this book. CCNA Exam Prep 2 covers all the CCNA material in much greater detail and in a superbly ...

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