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CCNA Voice 640-461 LiveLessons (Video Training)

Video Description

Cisco CCNA Voice Lessons provides the student with the necessary tools and understanding of the various server-based voice products including Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified Presence Server. The router-based products are also discussed which includes Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express. The lessons included include this course are tailored to provide the student with a solid understanding and overview of each product. Included in each lesson is a configuration demonstration using each of the various products to enhance the students understanding. Finally, the course wraps up with an explanation of the various tools, reports troubleshooting concepts to assist administrators and engineers with their maintenance and troubleshooting functions. This course assists prospective CCNA Voice candidates to prepare for the 640-461 certification exam to achieve CCNA Voice certification.

Table of Contents

  1. Lesson 1: Understanding Basic Voice Communications Technology
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:52
    2. Lesson 1.1: Traditional Networks Overview 00:09:51
    3. Lesson 1.2: Understanding VoIP Elements and Technology 00:20:10
    4. Lesson 1.3: Elements of Voice Traffic 00:22:03
  2. Lesson 2: Introducing Cisco Unified Communications Manager
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:47
    2. Lesson 2.1: Introducing Cisco Unified Communications Manager 00:19:30
    3. Lesson 2.2: Logging into Cisco Unified Communications Manager 00:35:45
    4. Lesson 2.3: Configuring Users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 00:20:36
    5. Lesson 2.4: Configuring Phones in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 00:25:07
  3. Lesson 3: Understanding Cisco Unity Connection
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:44
    2. Lesson 3.1: Introducing Cisco Unity Connection 00:22:22
    3. Lesson 3.2: Logging into Cisco Unity Connection 00:29:51
    4. Lesson 3.3: Configuring Users and Voicemail 00:36:05
    5. Lesson 3.4: Understanding Call Handler Features 00:20:18
  4. Lesson 4: Understanding Cisco Unified Presence Server
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:33
    2. Lesson 4.1: Introducing Cisco Unified Presense Server 00:31:49
    3. Lesson 4.2: Using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) 00:47:09
  5. Lesson 5: Understanding Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME) and Unity Express
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:55
    2. Lesson 5.1: Introducing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME) 00:18:12
    3. Lesson 5.2: Configuring Users and Phones in Communications Manager Express (CME) 00:25:21
    4. Lesson 5.3: Introducing Cisco Unity Express (CUE) 00:19:56
    5. Lesson 5.4: Configuring Voice Mail in Cisco Unity Express (CUE) 00:20:50
  6. Lesson 6: Understanding Basic Troubleshooting, Reports, and Administration
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:50
    2. Lesson 6.1: Overview of Communications Manager Administrative Tools 00:51:14
    3. Lesson 6.2: Overview of Cisco Unity Connection Administrative Tools 00:17:35