Chapter 8. Introduction to the Cisco Mobility Express Wireless Architecture


  • Install a basic Cisco wireless LAN

    • Describe the Cisco Mobility Express Wireless architecture (Smart Business Communication System—SBCS, Cisco Config Agent—CCA, 526WLC, 521AP—stand-alone and controller-based)

Introduction to the Cisco Mobility Express Wireless Architecture


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Cisco Mobility Express

The actual architecture of the Cisco Mobility Express solution isn't all that different from the Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) solution, except for one key distinction—scale. While it's definitely true that far fewer devices can be managed with this system, that's exactly what makes it great for businesses for which the CUWN's massive capacity would just be sheer overkill. Not to mention its budget-threatening price tag! Cisco Mobility Express essentially provides a subset of the functions and features supported by the CUWN, so it's vital for you to grasp the similarities as well as the differences in order to ensure you've got everything needed for your solid and final solution.

Cisco Mobility Express is part of a complete system called the Cisco Smart Business Communication System (SBCS), which includes voice, data, video, and wireless networking products tailored for small businesses. To place Cisco Mobility Express ...

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