Chapter 4. InterVLAN Routing

VLANs divide the network into smaller broadcast domains, but also prohibit communication between domains To enable communication between those groups—without also passing broadcasts—routing is used.

InterVLAN Routing Using Multilayer Switches

Port roles

  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) PortActs as layer 2 switching port with a VLAN.

  • Static VLANUse the switchport command to identify VLAN.

  • Dynamic VLANUse VLAN Membership Policy Server (VMPS).

  • Trunk PortPasses multiple VLANs and differentiates by tagging.

Use the switchport command to set parameters:

  • ISL(Interswitch Link) or 802.1Q

  • Switched Virtual Interface (SVI)—Virtual routed port in a VLAN

    • Use to route or fallback bridge between VLANs

    • Default SVI for VLAN 1 automatically created ...

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