432 Chapter 15: BGP Neighbors
Scenario Answers
The answers provided in this section are not necessarily the only possible answers to the questions.
The questions are designed to test your knowledge and to give practical exercise in certain key
areas. This section is intended to test and exercise skills and concepts detailed in the body of
this chapter.
If your answer is different, ask yourself whether it follows the tenets explained in the answers
provided. Your answer is correct not if it matches the solution provided in the book, but rather if
it has included the principles of design laid out in the chapter.
In this way, the testing provided in these scenarios is deeper: It examines not only your knowledge,
but also your understanding and ability to apply that knowledge to problems.
If you do not get the correct answer, refer back to the text and review the subject tested. Be certain
to also review your notes on the question to ensure that you understand the principles of the
Scenario 15-1 Answers
1. Using the diagram in Figure 15-3 as a reference, issue the commands that need to be
configured at each country or autonomous system.
The commands configured at each country or autonomous system would be the same
structurally, although the details, such as the IP addresses and the autonomous system
numbers, would change.

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