Chapter 2

VoIP Protocols: SIP and H.323

This chapter includes the following main topics:

Overview of SIP: This section provides a brief history of SIP and describes its functional components, the different methods commonly used in SIP, and the process by which a call is set up and torn down.

Introduction to SDP: This section examines Session Description Protocol (SDP) fundamentals and describes the offer/answer framework.

Overview of H.323: This section covers H.323 basics, including the various components typically included in H.323 networks and the flow for a typical H.323 call.

This chapter covers the following CLACCM 300-815 exam topics:

  • 1.1 Troubleshoot these elements of a SIP conversation

    • 1.1.a Early media

    • 1.1.c Mid-call signaling (hold/resume, ...

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