Scenario 6-5: Verifying BGP Operation

This final scenario looks at Cisco IOS mechanisms for monitoring and verifying BGP routing within a Cisco router network.

Refer to Figure 6-4 and the BGP topology to see how to use some common show commands to verify that BGP is operating correctly.

Show and debug commands can be valuable, not only in the real-life networks you come across, but also during your certification exams.

This scenario covers the following commands:

  • show ip bgp summary— Displays BGP neighbors in summary mode

  • show ip bgp— Displays the BGP topology table

  • clear ip bgp *— Clears all BGP TCP sessions

  • show tcp brief— Displays all TCP sessions (BGP uses TCP)

  • debug ip bgp events— Displays any BGP events, such as neighbor state changes

Example ...

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