Chapter 7's Review Questions

1: Compare ISL to 802.1Q.
A1: Answer: When a frame goes out an ISL trunk, it gets encapsulated by tagging it with a 26-byte ISL header and another 4-byte CRC trailer. Therefore, it is possible for an Ethernet frame to be 1518 + 30 = 1548 bytes. ISL trunks can carry not only Ethernet traffic, but also Token Ring and FDDI, due to the reserved field in the ISL header.

Unlike the Cisco proprietary ISL, IEEE 802.1Q offers multivendor VLAN multiplexing support. As shown in Figure 7-5, ISL is more of an encapsulation (external tagging), whereas 802.1Q is an internal frame tagging method of VLAN identification.

2: Can you change the management VLAN?
A2: Answer: Yes, you can change the management VLAN. However, some switches ...

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