Chapter 16. Securing with VLANs

<feature><title>This chapter covers the following topics that you need to master for the CCNP BCMSN exam:</title>
  • VLAN Access Lists—. This section discusses how traffic can be controlled within a VLAN. You can use VLAN access control lists (ACL) to filter packets even as they are bridged or switched.

  • Private VLANs—. This section explains the mechanisms that you can use to provide isolation within a single VLAN. Private VLANs have a unidirectional nature; several of them can be isolated yet share a common subnet and gateway.

  • Securing VLAN Trunks—. This section covers two types of attacks that can be leveraged against a VLAN trunk link. If a trunk link is extended to or accessible from an attacker, any VLAN carried ...

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