Part II. Building a Campus Network

This part of the book covers the following BCMSN exam topics:

  • Explain the function of the Switching Database Manager (specifically, Content Addressable Memory [CAM] and Ternary Content Addressable Memory [TCAM]) within a Catalyst switch

  • Explain the functions of VLANs in a hierarchical network

  • Configure VLANs (native, default, static and access)

  • Explain and configure VLAN trunking (i.e., IEEE 802.1Q and ISL)

  • Explain and configure VTP

  • Verify or troubleshoot VLAN configurations

  • Configure and verify link aggregation using PAgP or LACP

  • Explain the functions and operations of the Spanning Tree Protocols (i.e., RSTP, PVRST, MISTP)

  • Configure RSTP (PVRST) and MISTP

  • Describe and configure STP security mechanisms (i.e., BPDU Guard, ...

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