Chapter 3. Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified Communication Manager

When integrating CUC and CUCM, you configure the initial integration in CUCM by using the Voice Mail Port Wizard, then you configure the VM integration on the Unity Connection server, and finally, you test the integration.

Cisco Voice Mail Port Wizard

  1. In CUCM, go to Advanced Features, Voice Mail, Voice Mail Port Wizard.
  2. Choose a server name.
  3. Choose the number of ports.
  4. Configure the following settings:


    Device Pool

    Calling Search Space

    AAR Calling Search Space


    Device Security Mode

Cisco Voicemail Directory Number

  1. Assign the beginning directory number.
  2. Set a partition.
  3. Set the calling search space.
  4. Configure the internal caller ID and external mask.

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