Chapter 4

Domain 2: Cloud Data Security


Bullet Exploring the data lifecycle phases

Bullet Examining and securing cloud data storage

Bullet Discovering and classifying data

Bullet Knowing when, how, and why to retain and delete data

Bullet Understanding logging and auditing of data events

In this chapter, you examine the cloud data lifecycle and find out how to identify, classify, and secure data stored in the cloud. Domain 2: Cloud Data Security covers a wide range of technical and operational topics and is the most heavily weighted domain on the CCSP exam, representing 19 percent of the CCSP certification exam.

Describing Cloud Data Concepts

One of my favorite sayings, “Security follows the data,” reminds you that data is the most vital component of any system, including cloud environments. Understanding cloud data concepts is critical if you want to secure cloud-based systems. As a CCSP candidate, you need to understand how data security changes throughout the various phases of the data’s lifecycle. ...

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