Chapter 7. Cisco IDS Network Sensor Installation

Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Identify the various appliance sensor models

  • Explain the different user roles available on the sensors

  • Explain the various modes of the sensor's command-line interface (CLI)

  • Explain how to use the sensor's CLI

  • Explain the initial configuration tasks for a sensor

The Cisco IDS appliance is a critical component in your Cisco intrusion protection solution. Each Cisco IDS appliance is a high-performance IDS sensor. Cisco IDS version 4.0 supports the following appliance models:

  • IDS 4210

  • IDS 4215

  • IDS 4220

  • IDS 4230

  • IDS 4235

  • IDS 4250

  • IDS 4250XL


Both the IDS 4220 and IDS 4230 have reached end-of-sale (EOS) status. They can no longer ...

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