Configuring a WAN Using the WAN Wizard

This topic explains how to configure a WAN using SDM WAN Wizard. If your router does not have a WAN interface, this wizard will not function. Begin configuring a WAN connection from the SDM Wizard Mode window, discussed in the previous section, “SDM Wizard Mode Options.”

Creating a New WAN Connection

The WAN Wizard takes you through the processes required to set up a WAN interface for supported interface types: PPP, Frame Relay, and HDLC.

Step 1.
Click the WAN button in the Wizard Mode column. The WAN—Create a New WAN Connection window opens, as shown in Figure 11-12. If you are not sure what to do, select a “How Do I” topic at the bottom of the window, or click Help in the menu bar.
Figure 11-12. Create ...

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