chapter eight
Risk engineering of a networked
cellular manufacturing system
Networked cellular manufacturing systems (NCMSs) are typically found
in industrial plants where remote monitoring and control of systems is
necessary because of hazardous or inaccessible equipment locations. Such
facilities might include water treatment plants, wastewater treatment
plants, chemical engineering facilities, oil reneries, nuclear facilities,
and other such plants that are critical to the nations infrastructure. The
security assessment of NCMS is thus critical to protection from the rising
danger of cyber risks.
8.1 A networked cellular manufacturing system
A networked cellular manufacturing system is a congregation of inde-
pendent cellular manufacturing systems that measure and report in real
time both local and geographically remote distributed processes. It is a
combination of telemetry and data acquisition that enables a user to send
commands to distant facilities and collect data from them. Telemetry
is a technique used in transmitting and receiving data over a medium.
Data acquisition is a method of collecting data from the equipment being
controlled and monitored. NCMSs are usually networked, with at least
one controller, and one or more remote terminal units (RTUs) distributed
throughout the plant at necessary control points. An RTU can be com-
pared to an analog or digital converter. It can receive signals from sensors
at the control point, convert and send these signals to the controller, and
also receive signals back from the controller and convert the commands
so they can be understood by the actual control mechanisms. The funda-
mental components of the NCMS control system are
Master terminal unit (MTU)
Communication network (CN)
Remote terminal unit (RTU)
The supervisory control and monitoring station, also called the master
terminal unit, consists of an engineering workstation, human– machine
interface, application servers, and communications router. The master

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