Cellular Technology in Emerging Markets

Rauno Granath

Nokia Siemens Networks

Amit Sehgal

Nokia Siemens Networks

Ajay R. Mishra

Nokia Siemens Networks

1.1 Introduction

From the remotest areas of the developing world to the most advanced areas of the developed world, connectivity has become a key issue. How to connect the ‘unconnected’ is an issue that is facing the governments of most of the developing countries, while mobile operators in advanced countries are looking towards connecting their consumers to enhanced services. While the developing world is trying various advanced technologies, it is not necessarily following the path taken by the developed world. They are trying out various permutations and combinations of technologies to reach their goal to connectivity and profits. In this context, it becomes important to understand the various technologies that would help technologists in the developing world realize their ultimate goal – getting the ‘unconnected’ connected in the shortest duration of time.

1.2 ICT in Emerging Markets

During year 2009 the global cellular industry was able to celebrate its 4th billionth subscription to its services. By any means this is a staggering figure. It is even more staggering to realize how short a time it has taken to achieve this. It is hard to come up with any other example where a new technology has proliferated and diffused throughout the world, to all continents, countries and markets and among all consumer groups, cultures and ...

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