Chapter 18. Setting Up a Mail Server

Today, electronic messaging is part of the communication backbone, the core of information dissemination within companies of all sizes. Everyone uses e-mail, from the mailroom to the laboratories to the CEO's office. And if you're in charge of an organization's mail server, you'll be notified (incessantly) when it stops working.

This chapter explains how to set up a mail server in CentOS to send and receive messages. In particular, it focuses on configuring a Sendmail mail server, but also tells how to configure a Postfix mail server (which is also in the CentOS distribution). Once the mail server is configured, CentOS provides your mail server's users with different ways of getting their e-mail from your server, such as downloading it to their mail clients (with IMAPv4 or POP3) or reading it from a Web browser (using SquirrelMail).

Mailing list configuration and administration (using the mailman software package) are also discussed in this chapter, detailing how mailing list management software integrates and interfaces with the mail server.


Although the primary aspects of mail server configuration are discussed in this chapter, many configuration aspects are beyond its scope and thus are not addressed. ...

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