Configuring OpenStack as Ceph clients

OpenStack nodes should be configured as Ceph clients in order to access the Ceph cluster. To do this, install Ceph packages on OpenStack nodes and make sure it can access the Ceph cluster.

How to do it…

In this recipe, we are going to configure OpenStack as a Ceph client, which will be later used to configure cinder, glance, and nova:

  1. We will use ceph-node1 to install Ceph binaries on os-node1 using ceph-deploy, as we have done earlier in Chapter 1, Ceph – Introduction and Beyond. To do this, we should set up ssh password-less login to os-node1. The root password is again the same (vagrant):
    $ vagrant ssh ceph-node1
    $ sudo su -
    # ping os-node1 -c 1
    # ssh-copy-id root@os-node1
  2. Next, we will install Ceph packages ...

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