Scaling out your Ceph cluster

From the roots, Ceph has been designed to grow from a few nodes to several hundreds, and it's supposed to scale on the fly without any downtime. In this recipe, we will dive deep into the Ceph scale-out feature by adding MON, OSD, MDS, and RGW nodes.

Adding the Ceph OSD

Adding an OSD node to the Ceph cluster is an online process. To demonstrate this, we would require a new virtual machine named ceph-node4 with three disks that will act as OSDs. This new node will then be added to our existing Ceph cluster.

How to do it…

Run the following commands from ceph-node1 until otherwise specified:

  1. Create a new node, ceph-node4, with three disks (OSD). You can follow the process of creating a new virtual machine with disks and the ...

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