How to do it...

Copy ceph-ansible package on ceph-node1 from the Ceph-Cookbook-Second-Edition directory.

  1. Use vagrant as the password for the root user:
      # cd Ceph-Cookbook-Second-Edition      # scp ceph-ansible-2.2.10-38.g7ef908a.el7.noarch.rpm root@ceph-node1:/root
  1. Log in to ceph-node1 and install ceph-ansible on ceph-node1:
      [root@ceph-node1 ~]#       yum install ceph-ansible-2.2.10-38.g7ef908a.el7.noarch.rpm -y
  1. Update the Ceph hosts to /etc/ansible/hosts:
  1. Verify that Ansible can reach the Ceph hosts mentioned in /etc/ansible/hosts:

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