Chapter 6. Houston, we have a problem
How to fix it when it all goes wrong

Chapter Outline

6.1 Introduction146
6.2 Integration147
6.2.1 Issue: Poor-quality electrode under PZT films147 Circumstances147 Investigation147 Solution149
6.2.2 Issue: Catastrophic loss of film and substrate149 Circumstances149 Investigation149 Solution150
6.3 Cracking and Surface Finish151
6.3.1 Issue: Cracking of thick film151 Circumstances151 Investigation151 Solution152
6.3.2 Issue: Uneven surface finish on dip-coated porous lanthanum strontium manganite (LSMO) films152 Circumstances152 Investigation52 Solution153
6.3.3 Issue: Uneven surface finish on a screen-printed film153 Circumstances ...

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