23Personal Brand Building in a Creator Economy

Kai D. Wright

Leadership in uncertain times has shifted toward those with authenticity, relevance, and resonance. While CEOs may have powerful titles, creators from any walk of life can now quickly convert influence into big dividends while empowering communities. Whether you have a strong personal brand IRL (in real life) or in the metaverse, as the creator economy grows, more people are finding themselves uttering Jay Z's paradigm‐shifting revelation, “I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man.” What does this shift mean for you as a leader, employee, entrepreneur, or beyond?

Follow the Feeling

Let's face it, brand building has evolved beyond the 2D art of a name, logo, and color combination; resilient brands are 3D forces fueled by strong communities united by a shared culture. And the difference between a fast‐growing brand and one lost in the noise hangs on how you make others feel. So, whether an organization or person, there's an equal chance of building a resilient brand—regardless of whether you're an executive, entrepreneur, employee, entertainer, or anyone in between.

The new reality is that everyone has a brand, and your brand is more than just your reputation. Personal brands today are byproducts of many elements: what people think of you (i.e., reputation, purpose, vision, mission); assets you (co)create (e.g., logo, sonic identity, visual style); how you view the world (i.e., content, curation, and thought‐leadership); ...

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