326 Certification Study Guide: IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1
Ask yourself the following questions:
򐂰 What do you really know about your data?
򐂰 Are you sure the data you are storing is strategic and current?
򐂰 Is your best Linux administrator also your biggest MP3 collector?
򐂰 Are the data's owners still with the organization?
򐂰 Is all your data being backed up regularly?
򐂰 Can you identify data at risk?
򐂰 Are users or departments cost-accountable for their use of storage?
Until you can understand and manage the data you already have, it will be
difficult to forecast future storage needs or to justify purchasing additional
storage. You need to ensure that your current storage resources are being
managed effectively before you invest in more.
This is where IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data will help. It allows
you to control your costs by:
򐂰 Predicting your storage requirements accurately
򐂰 Preventing storage downtime
򐂰 Providing usage information
򐂰 Managing more with current staff
򐂰 Expiring data from expensive storage to tape
򐂰 Simplifying Administration
This set of exercises lets us understand how TPC for Data can answer these
Getting started with TPC for Data lab exercise
In the following exercises that comprise the lab, we explore some of the basic
tools needed to gather data about your environment. These exercises assume
you have already installed TPC for Data. The systems shown in these exercises
will vary depending on your environment.
1. Getting started with TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data.
2. Run a scan job.
3. Define a Quota.
4. Define a Constraint.
The above exercises will help us understand how to navigate within the product.
The first exercise leads us through logging onto the system and the initial

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