Chapter 4. Installation 95
b. On AIX, Linux, or Solaris systems: <WAS_install_dir>/bin/
Replace <app_server_name> with the name of the application server where the Agent
Manager is installed. By default, this is AgentManager. The server name is case-sensitive.
3. Start the uninstallation program for your operating system:
a. On Windows systems, either use the Add/Remove Programs window (from Control
Panel) to uninstall the Agent Manager, or run the following command from a command
b. On AIX, Linux, and Solaris systems, run the following command from the
<Agent_Manager_install_dir>/_uninst directory:
java -jar uninstall.jar
The uninstallation program removes only the Agent Manager application from WebSphere
Application Server and system information according to this program. To uninstall WebSphere
Application Server and DB2 refer to the product’s Web pages:
For WebSphere Application Server information:
For DB2 information:
4.5 Determine that services are running with Data Manager GUI
After successful installation of IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data 2.1 open the
administration GUI and see the Administration Services tree to determine if the required
services are up and running. On the Windows operating system, a shortcut to the Data
Manager GUI is located in Start Programs IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for
Data TPCD. Launch the console and provide the password for user with required
authorization role (see Figure 4-38 on page 96).

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