Chapter 2. Planning 49
The integration is transparent to the J2EE applications because no coding or
deployment changes are needed at the application level.
2.4.6 Access Manager for BEA WebLogic Server
Tivoli Access Manager for WebLogic Version 6.0 provides a full security
framework for BEA WebLogic Server using the Security Service Provider
Interface (SSPI).
BEA WebLogic Server provides SSPI for third-party security providers, such as
Tivoli Access Manager for WebLogic, to seamlessly integrate their security
functions into the BEA WebLogic Server architecture.
Access Manager Security Service Provider Interface components
Tivoli Access Manager for WebLogic replaces the default security realm created
with each BEA WebLogic Server secure domain and provides the following BEA
WebLogic Server Security Providers:
򐂰 Authentication Provider
򐂰 Authorization Provider
򐂰 Role Mapping Provider
Tivoli Access Manager for WebLogic uses the default BEA WebLogic Server
Credential Mapping security provider and the default keystore.
Each of the providers listed also contains a Management Bean (MBean) that
enables configuration editing through the WebLogic console. The following
sections detail the functionality supplied by each of these providers and MBeans.
Tivoli Access Manager provides the following integration points with BEA
WebLogic Server:
򐂰 Authentication Provider
The Tivoli Access Manager for WebLogic Authentication Provider implements
BEA WebLogic Server simple authentication. In simple authentication, a user
attempts to authenticate to a BEA WebLogic Server with a user name and
password combination. This user name and password are checked by Tivoli
Access Manager using the Tivoli Access Manager Java runtime component.
Tivoli Access Manager for WebLogic also provides its own Login Module that
is used to provide WebSEAL or Tivoli Access Manager Plug-in for Web
Servers single sign-on functionality.
򐂰 Authorization Provider
Authorization Providers supply an interface between BEA WebLogic Server
and the external authorization service. The Authorization Provider determines

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