1 Internet of Things (IoT): Concepts, Issues, Challenges and Perspectives

This chapter is an in-depth review of our article published in 2017. We considered some elements to develop concepts based on the IoT. In this chapter, we present: (1) the connected object (CO), (2) a definition of the Internet of Things, (3) steps and technologies in the IoT ecosystem, (4) IoT to the Internet of Everything (IoE), (5) IoT and Big Data, (6) cloud computing applied to Big Data and the IoT, (7) data science and the IoT, (8) issues and challenges of the IoT, (9) opportunities and threats in the IoT ecosystem, (10) security of the IoT, (11) blockchain and the IoT and (12) conclusion, summarizing the perspectives of the IoT.

1.1. Introduction

The Internet in general and the Web in particular have continued to evolve – from the Web of information to the Web of individualized1 Things – via various connected objects thanks to miniaturization and technological development, which make room for a double approach: being connected and communicating consistently without any constraints as regards space and time so as to meet the demands and needs of users in terms of services, communication and information [ROX 17, THE 13].

The Internet is gradually transforming into a HyperNetwork, just like a network consisting of multitudes of connections between artifacts (physical, documentary), actors (biological, algorithmic), scripts and concepts (linked data, metadata, ontologies, folksonomy), called the “Internet ...

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