Business Management
Twenty-rst century advances in technology, transportation, and business models
have enabled companies of all sizes to enter markets once thought to be the exclusive
domain of giant enterprises. In this environment, innovation has emerged as the
competitive differentiator that will propel companies to become global leaders.
Supplying practical guidance for integrating innovation throughout the organization,
Chance or Choice: Unlocking Innovation Success
introduces the authors’
proprietary ENOVALE methodology. ENOVALE is a blueprint that provides leaders
and managers of any organization with a strategic framework to initiate and maintain
innovation and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
What makes this book different is that it originates from decades of experience,
cutting-edge research, and empirical evidence. The results come from the authors
work on Project Impact, an ongoing multiyear global study to measure attitudes,
opinions, and disposition of different cultures towards innovation. Expanding on the
current denition of innovation, the book:
• Spells out a detailed “how-to” approach for those responsible for
innovation leadership
• Outlines practical solutions and time-tested strategies
• Emphasizes the role of the individual as the ultimate innovator
• Presents concepts that are applicable across a range of industries,
including the services industry
Rather than relegating innovation to the R&D and engineering functions, the book
extends the ENOVALE framework into all functions of your organization. It also
details a project strategy useful for any type of innovation to help you lead your
teams in leveraging the innovative capabilities valued by your customers and users.
Throughout the book, the authors outline the tools and concepts you will need to move
your organization from simply surviving to thriving in today’s brutally competitive
global environment.
Dr. Greg McLaughlin
Dr. Vinny Caraballo
Unlocking Innovation Success
ISBN: 978-1-4665-8186-9
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Unlocking Innovation Success
Unlocking Innovation Success
Dr. Greg McLaughlin • Dr. Vinny Caraballo

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