Change Manager - Careers in IT service management

Book description

Change management is about the control of all changes that have an effect on the IT services and hence, the business of an organisation. This practical book describes the change manager role in depth including purpose, typical responsibilities and required skills. Change management methods, techniques, useful tools and relevant standards and frameworks are also covered, and career progression opportunities are discussed. --- 'Constructed on practical advice, exploring many of the myths about the IT change manager but delivered with a sense of humour and importantly, a huge dose of realism.' Sandra Whittleston IT Service Management Educator and Researcher, Open University ---- 'How refreshing to find a book about IT Change Management written by someone who clearly understands the subject, with a wealth of practical knowledge and experience shared with the reader...Buy this book and it won’t sit on the shelf – it will be read and used as both a reference and an educational tool.' Marny Thompson MBCS CITP

Table of contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half-Title Page
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright Page
  6. Contents
  7. List of figures and tables
  8. Author
  9. Foreword
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. Abbreviations and glossary
  12. Preface
  13. 1. Overview of the Field
    1. Introduction to IT service management
    2. Introduction to change management
    3. Key points
  14. 2. The Change Manager Role
    1. Which came first, the change or the change manager?
    2. Purpose of the change manager role
    3. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills and behaviours
    4. Context of the role
    5. Portrait of a change manager
    6. Key points
  15. 3. Change Manager Activities
    1. Change management process
    2. Process operation
    3. Change implementation
    4. Communication
    5. Reporting
    6. Review
    7. And the cycle begins again...
    8. Key points
  16. 4. Methods and Techniques
    1. Request for change
    2. Change Advisory Board
    3. Change schedule
    4. Post-implementation review
    5. Process implementation
    6. Key points
  17. 5. Tools
    1. Change management software tools
    2. Configuration Management System
    3. Integrated IT service management software tools
    4. Discovery tools
    5. Reporting tools
    6. Communication tools
    7. Making do (or proving the concept before the expense!)
    8. Key points
  18. 6. Standards and Frameworks
    1. Standards
    2. Best practice frameworks, processes and procedures
    3. Key points
  19. 7. Interfaces and Dependencies
    1. Change culture
    2. Working with other service management processes
    3. Working with other methods and approaches
    4. Working with other IT roles
    5. Working with suppliers and service providers
    6. Working with other business roles
    7. Working with customers
    8. Key points
  20. 8. Career Progression and Related Roles
    1. Becoming a change manager
    2. Beyond the role of change manager
    3. Key points
  21. 9. Case Studies
    1. The ideal change manager
    2. The developing change manager
    3. The getting started change manager
    4. Key points
  22. Appendix: References and Further Reading
    1. Accessibility
    2. Agile
    3. BCS books
    4. Change management (organisational)
    5. Frameworks
    6. Legislation
    7. Membership bodies
    8. Project management
    9. Qualifications and certifications
    10. Quality management
    11. SFIA and SFIAplus
    12. Standards
    13. Tools
  23. Index
  24. Back Cover

Product information

  • Title: Change Manager - Careers in IT service management
  • Author(s): Tracey Torble
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Publisher(s): BCS Learning & Development Limited
  • ISBN: None