Writing is normally very solitary work. Change Your Space was different by design. The Case4Space group of more than 30 leaders took an active role in the research and creation of this book. So, naturally, our first effort to write the story carried several focal themes. But Richard Narramore, Wiley's Senior Editor, guided us to our sweet spot. I am grateful for his willingness to push back and help us to focus on the story that has not been told before.

Case4Space began with Mabel Casey and Mark Konchar. I want to thank them for their willingness to support and coauthor this book. From the beginning they knew that the changes in the marketplace are forcing all of us to rethink and reimagine the workplace.

I thank Dave Radcliffe at Google. His early support for our project created a tipping point that moved us forward and into collaboration with other leaders. He also allowed Chris Coleman to journey with us. Chris often challenged many of our early assumptions about the workplace. Thanks, Chris.

John McColl at Cousins Properties gave strong support to our research. It helped the team, and this book, to have a developer on board. Thank you, John.

Bob Fox and Sabret Flocos with FOX Architects and Phil Bernstein with Autodesk were early and eager supporters. Phil also allowed Erin Rae Hoffer to participate as a core team thought leader. I thank all of you for your early and strong support.

Michael Lagocki came on board as our graphic scribe, but he also helped ...

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