Chapter 3. Augmented Reality Creators and Use Cases You Should Know

We’ve looked at why now is the right time for AR, and we’ve looked at how to invest time and money in AR, given its stage of development. These are the steps you should take to ensure that you are focusing your time and money in smart ways.

When building a business case for a company, however, the next big questions to ask are, “How is this actually being used in the world in meaningful ways?” and “What can I learn from those people and strategies?”

Here’s the best way to answer that: look at what other people are doing.

According to the investment bankers at Goldman Sachs, VR and AR technologies will generate $80 billion in revenue by 2025, $35 billion of that from software. That includes professional sectors like healthcare (projected at $5.1 billion) followed by engineering ($4.7 billion).

In this chapter, we also look at other categories of business that represent the future of where AR is headed. This chapter explores how else it can be used, and what you should know about as you plan your strategy for AR development.

Whom did I choose to talk with and how? I looked for a range of companies and listened for those that have unique insights and insider knowledge, meaning that they are saving front-line workers significant time and helping to save money. I also focused on those that have massive potential, because they represent an area no one is exploring right now.

Some of these case studies are big-name companies, ...

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