Chapter 3. Hypothesize about Steady State

For any complex system, there are going to be many moving parts, many signals, and many forms of output. We need to distinguish in a very general way between systemic behaviors that are acceptable and behaviors that are undesirable. We can refer to the normal operation of the system as its steady state.

If you are developing or operating a software service, how do you know if it is working? How do you recognize its steady state? Where would you look to answer that question?

If your service is young, perhaps the only way you know that everything is working is if you try to use it yourself. If your service is accessible through a website, you might check by browsing to the site and trying to perform a task or transaction.

This approach to checking system health quickly reveals itself to be suboptimal: it’s labor-intensive, which means we’re less likely to do it. We can automate these kinds ...

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