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Charting Secrets: Trade Like a Machine and Finally Beat the Markets Using These Bulletproof Strategies, 2nd Edition

Book Description

A leading Australian trader shows you how to succeed on the sharemarket with proven charting techniques

Now completely revised with the latest trading information, this revised edition of bestselling author Louise Bedford's Charting Secrets is the perfect guide for beginners and experienced traders and chartists alike. Unlike other books on trading, you'll find no get-rich-quick schemes here. Bedford believes that successful trading is a matter of study and hard work, just like any other job. With this in mind, Charting Secrets serves as a workbook that will have you practising what you read and mastering charting techniques as you go. The book begins with explanations of charting patterns and methods and includes sample charts for you to practise on, as well as step-by-step solutions that allow you to compare your results to hers.

  • Features practical charting advice and sample charts that let readers learn techniques as they read

  • Covers charting basics, as well as candlestick charting and system development, macro reversal and continuation patterns, trading psychology, and much more

  • Written by a bestselling author known as one of Australia's most compelling speakers on trading

Whether you're new to the trading game or an experienced trader looking to polish your charting techniques, Charting Secrets will show you how to turn potential into profit.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. My story
  6. Let’s get started
  7. 1: Chart and be sexy
    1. Weight of evidence
    2. The families
    3. Chart construction
    4. Candlestick charting
  8. 2: The line reveals all . . . Well, almost . . .
    1. Support and resistance
    2. Uptrends
    3. Downtrends
    4. Where to draw your lines
    5. Why are downtrends important?
    6. Trader versus investor
    7. Lining it all up
    8. Summary
  9. 3: Volume counts
    1. Why is volume important?
    2. A quick word of encouragement
    3. Summary
  10. 4: Moving averages rock!
    1. Share prices and moving averages
    2. Self-fulfilling prophecy?
    3. Types of moving averages
    4. Summary
  11. 5: My momentous momentum mistake
    1. What do momentum indicators measure?
    2. Answers
    3. Summary
  12. 6: Finally nail macro reversal patterns
    1. Patterns in context
    2. Suggestions
    3. The measure rule
    4. Answers
    5. Time for a break?
    6. Exercise 1
    7. Exercise 2
    8. Exercise 3
    9. Answers
    10. Summary
  13. 7: Magic macro continuation patterns
    1. Why are continuations important?
    2. Triangles
    3. Bullish channels
    4. Bearish channels
    5. Share stages
    6. Answers
    7. Summary
  14. 8: Candlesticks uncut
    1. Set-ups
    2. Triggers
    3. 1 The breakout trade
    4. Answers
    5. 2 The retracement trade
    6. Answers
    7. 3 Gap trading
    8. Answers
    9. 4 The dominant candle
    10. Answers
    11. More exercises
    12. Answers
    13. Summary
  15. 9: Putting it all together
    1. Exercise 1
    2. Exercise 2
    3. Exercise 3
    4. Exercise 4
    5. Exercise 5
    6. Exercise 6
    7. Answers
  16. 10: System development secrets
    1. Developing a trading system
    2. Summary
  17. 11: The short and the long of it
    1. How to make money out of a downtrend
    2. Some definitions
    3. How to make money out of an uptrend
    4. Quiz
    5. Summary
  18. 12: More psychology secrets
    1. The fear time bomb
    2. Whingers unite … and then leave us the hell alone
    3. Three success squashers
    4. Time to kick you out of the nest
  19. Appendix A: Candlestick basics
  20. Appendix B: Back-testing
  21. Further reading and education
  22. Glossary
  23. Macro patterns index
  24. Macro patterns index
  25. Testimonials
  26. More from Louise