Chapter 17. Beyond the Horizon: The Future of ChatOps

I hope that you have found this text to be informative and helpful in your efforts to understand ChatOps and what it can bring to your team or organization. IT departments are now sources of innovation not only for their own efforts, but for the company as a whole. CIOs and the teams that they manage are now tasked with much more than just keeping the lights on and putting out fires as they occur. They are the innovators, always seeking out methods to reduce friction in the ways they deliver software, manage infrastructure, and provide a reliable service to end users, be that internally or externally.

ChatOps brings a new methodology to the table that many are finding great value in. Speeding up the way we get work done and delivering many additional benefits without any extra effort is something that can spark real organizational change—change that can lead to big ideas and innovations that set an organization apart from others in its market. DevOps has helped shed light on basic concepts that have been lost over the years: simple ideas such as empathy, open communication, aligned goals, and continuous improvement.

As ChatOps continues to evolve and mature, where will it go? Of course, it’s all speculative at this point, but I believe it’s fair to say that getting work done in chat is here to stay. With the surge of chatbots recently and their effortless interaction with a growing list of tools and services, more and ...

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