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Appendix C. Open Platform for Security (OPSEC)
Todays e-business world demands greater access to information and
avenues of communication among customers, business partners, suppliers,
and employees. Any business that uses the Internet to achieve this must
implement significant safeguards to protect its network, or else risk the
vulnerability of all its private stores of digital information. The key to
addressing this information security risk is a comprehensive Internet security
architecture. The solution requires multiple layers of security using
best-of-breed products from a variety of vendors. The integration and
manageability of these multiple products is an essential factor in the
achievement of a secure architecture. Security administrators must be
confident that applications can properly authenticate users and that Internet
gateways will always enforce the appropriate security policy. They must also
be able to define and apply security policies across multiple technologies,
including firewalls, VPNs, and QoS devices, manage reports on network
activity, and maintain the proper system configurations. These tasks can pose
significant challenges to the security implementation team securing an
enterprises e-business infrastructure. Check Point Software Technologies
Secure Virtual Network (SVN) architecture and the Open Platform for
Security (OPSEC) offer industry leading integrated Internet security solutions
to substantially reduce these challenges.
Check Point SVN secures the Internet environment by providing security that
extends across networks, systems (individual clients and systems),
applications and users, and across intranets, extranets and the Internet. SVN
goes beyond the basics of VPNs (the use of the Internet as the transport
backbone for secure links with partners and regional offices) to deliver
Internet security that offers scalability, manageability, comprehensiveness,
high performance, and ease of use. Its solutions protect all systems
throughout the IP-based enterprise network by securing all Internet
gateways, allowing single sign-on capabilities at the application server level,
and enabling granular access control for all users regardless of location.
OPSEC: Integrated Internet Security
OPSEC extends the Secure Virtual Network architecture by providing a
unique, open platform for integration and interoperability. For OPSEC
partners, integration with the SVN architecture results in the most robust
solutions on the market today. For customers, OPSEC integration means the
ability to match the best product or service to their specific needs from a wide
choice of best-of-breed products and services, without the burden of
questionable interoperability! OPSEC allows users to take full advantage of

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