Chef for Absolute Beginners - DevOps

Video description

Chef Software is a Configuration management and Automate tool used to make your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications— automate in a language that approaches plain English.

This course introduces a beginner in DevOps to basic fundamentals of Chef with easy to do hands-on exercises that you can practice right in the browser. The course introduces basic use cases of Chef followed by an introduction to Chef Resources, Recipes, Cookbooks, RunLists, Roles, Ohai. Find demos that show how to set up a Chef environment on AWS Cloud platform. Each lecture is accompanied by a set of coding/lab exercises giving the user a hands-on experience in developing Chef code. Finally, test your knowledge with the help of an assignment which will give you real-world experience in solving a problem.

What You Will Learn

  • Automate daily repetitive tasks in your environment with Chef
  • Get comfortable with Chef language
  • Setup Chef on Cloud environments like AWS
  • Use Chef Console to manage Automation


This course is for absolute beginners in automation, those who wish to automate without coding and with zero scripting knowledge.

About The Author

Mumshad Mannambeth: Mumshad Mannambeth is an IT Solutions architect who specializes in cloud, automation, and DevOps. He is the author of the top three percent of Udemy’s courses. He is passionate about learning modern technology and teaching. He believes the best way to learn is to learn by doing and in a fun way. Mumshad has authored multiple courses on DevOps, cloud, and automation technologies and teaches over 280,000 students worldwide. His courses focus on providing students with interactive and hands-on experience in learning modern technology that makes learning interesting.

Product information

  • Title: Chef for Absolute Beginners - DevOps
  • Author(s): Mumshad Mannambeth, Yogesh Raheja
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838554040