Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook

Book description

The Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook, winner of the 2012 Basil Brennan Medal from the Institution of Chemical Engineers, is a guide to converting a newly constructed plant or equipment into a fully integrated and operational process unit. Good commissioning is based on a disciplined, systematic and proven methodology and approach that achieve results in the safest, most efficient, cost effective and timely manner.

The book is supported by detailed, proven and effective commission templates, plus extensive commissioning scenarios that enable the reader to learn the context of good commissioning practice from an experienced commissioning manager. It focuses on the critical safety assessment and inspection regimes necessary to ensure that new plants are compliant with OSHA and environmental requirements. Martin Killcross has brought together the theory of textbooks and technical information obtained from sales literature, in order to provide engineers with what they need to know before initiating talks with vendors regarding equipment selection.

Commissioning files can be found here;

  • Unique information from a respected, global commissioning manager: delivers the know-how to succeed for anyone commissioning new plant or equipment
  • Comes with online commissioning process templates that make this title a working tool kit as well as a key reference
  • Extensive examples of successful commissioning processes with step-by-step guidance enable readers to understand the function and performance of the wide range of tasks required in the commissioning process

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Acknowledgment
  6. Introduction
  7. What is Commissioning
  8. Safety and Environmental Considerations
  9. A Simplified Commissioning Logic
  10. Intent and Use of the Handbook
  11. The Commissioning Approach
  12. Chapter 1. Commissioning Phase One – Prepare
    1. Appointing the Commissioning Manager
    2. Commissioning Scope and Contracts
    3. Contracts
    4. Budget Estimation
    5. Prioritized Asset Systemization
    6. Support Design
    7. Develop an Initial Commissioning Plan or Philosophy
    8. Appointment, Composition of the Commissioning Team, Roles, Responsibilities and Organization Chart
    9. Documentation and Sign-Off Requirements, the Library and Electronic Filing
    10. Devise Assignment Details, Site and Office Requirements, Consumables and Procure Commissioning Chemicals
    11. Create Commissioning Documents and the System File
    12. Control, Instrument, Electrical Commissioning Document Preparation
    13. Mechanical Commissioning Document Preparation
    14. Develop Training Materials
    15. Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    16. Develop Commissioning Schedule
    17. Devise Handover Procedure
    18. Devise Commissioning Tagging System
  13. Chapter 2. Commissioning Phase Two – Implement
    1. Factory Acceptance Testing
    2. Check Construction and Quality of Build
    3. Tracking Progress and System Status
    4. Cleaning Procedures and Drying
    5. Pre-Commissioning Procedures
    6. Vessel Check Sheets
    7. Instrument Loop, Electrical and Control System Testing
    8. Commissioning Punchlisting
    9. Handover from Construction to Commissioning
    10. Introduction of Safe Chemicals
    11. Pre-Commissioning HAZOP Studies or Pre-Start-Up Safety
    12. Commissioning Leak Testing
    13. Commissioning and Initial Start-Up Plus Procedures
    14. Handover to Operations
  14. Chapter 3. Commissioning Phase Three – Close-Out
    1. Close Out Reservations
    2. Complete Commissioning Documentation
    3. Complete Training and Update Documents to “As Commissioned”
    4. Update Operating Procedures to “As Commissioned”
    5. Assist Continued Operation, Troubleshooting and/or De-bottlenecking Projects
    6. Close Down the Commissioning Team
    7. Complete Close-Out Hazard Study
  15. Chapter 4. The Commissioning System File, a Full Catalogue of Blank Commissioning Documents
    1. Commissioning System File
    2. Commissioning System File System
    3. 1 System P&IDs
    4. 2 Decontamination Procedure and Isolation Register
    5. 3 System Cleaning Checklist and Procedures
    6. 4 Hazard Study Actions
    7. 5 Equipment Check Sheets, Off- and On-Site Checks
    8. 6 System Punchlists
    9. 7 Action Upon Alarm Sheet
    10. 8 Handover Certificate Construction to Commissioning
    11. 9 Project Documentation Check Sheet Prior to Introduction of Safe Chemicals
    12. 10 Safe Chemical Commissioning Authorization and Pre-Commissioning Procedures
    13. 11 Leak Test Check List and Procedure
    14. 12 Instrument Check Sheet
    15. 13 Motor Check Sheet
    16. 14 Interlock Check Sheet
    17. 15 Emergency Shut-Down Check Sheet
    18. 16 DCS Sequence Test Procedure
    19. 17 Relief Stream Check Sheets
    20. 18 Critical Insulation Checks
    21. 19 Critical Gasket Checks
    22. 20 Lubrication Check Sheet
    23. 21 PSSR and Plant Check-Out Prior to Introduction of Hazardous Chemicals
    24. 22 Documentation Requirements for Ongoing Maintenance Group
    25. 23 Authority to Introduce Process Chemicals, Check Sheet and Certificate
    26. 24 Commissioning Procedures
    27. 25 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    28. 26 Commissioning to Operations Handover Certificate
  16. Glossary of Terms
  17. Appendix 1. Commissioning Team Meeting Agenda
  18. Appendix 2. Commissioning System Documentation Validation Matrix
  19. Appendix 3. Control System Fault Log
  20. Appendix 4. Loop Test Sheet
  21. Appendix 5. Worked Example of a Knowledge-Based Training Package
  22. Appendix 6. Appendix
  23. Appendix 7. Example Labels and Tags
  24. Appendix 8. Worked Example of a Vendor Shop Inspection Report
  25. Appendix 9. Commissioning System Status Chart
  26. Appendix 10. Steam Blow Target Plate Configuration
  27. About the Author
  28. Index

Product information

  • Title: Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook
  • Author(s): Martin Killcross
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): Elsevier Science
  • ISBN: 9780080971742