Single Option Correct Type

  1. Aldehydes and ketones are distinguished by using
    a. Tollen’s reagent b. Lucas reagent
    c. Borshe reagent d. all of these


  2. Carbonyl compounds undergo nucleophillic addition because of
    1. more stable anion with negative charge on oxygen and less stable carbocation
    2. electromeric effect
    3. electronegativity difference of carbon and oxygen atoms
    4. none of these


  3. Clemmensen reduction is carried with
    1. LiAlH4 in ether
    2. Zn-Hg and HCl
    3. H2 in the presence of Pd
    4. NH2NH2/glycol and KOH


  4. The addition of HCN to carbonyl compounds is an example of
    1. electrophillic addition
    2. nucleophillic addition
    3. nucleophillic substitution
    4. electrophilic substitution


  5. Cyanohydrin of which of the following will yield lactic acid?

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