Outline of the Book

We are living in an era rife with challenges never experienced before and with abundant opportunities that require new modes of thinking in order to capitalize on them. This book aims to offer insights, from a Chinese perspective, into the transformation that China is undergoing, pointing out the challenges and explaining how to manage them and furthermore turn them into an advantage. With China's increasing integration into the global economy and the rise of a new business order in the era of Web 2.0, in this book we analyze the fundamental transformations that are occurring in China along three dimensions:

Technology. Technological innovation has been identified as one of the driving forces for the rise of productivity and therefore economic development in the past century. The innovations around Web 2.0 technologies have caused a paradigm shift in how we conduct business, interact with customers, communicate with others, and even create innovative technologies. These innovations are more than an assembling of existing ideas. The competition to integrate communications platforms offering the combined consumer solutions of email, instant messaging, and the mobile phone, using VoIP to add voice capabilities to the rich capabilities of web applications, is well under way. Therefore, innovation in open business models is critical in winning the race in the era of China 2.0.

Economy. The gravity of Chinese economic activities has shifted from export-oriented manufacturing ...

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