ADBAsian Development Bank
AOC-BOCAssam Oil Companies-Burmah Oil Company
ARFASEAN Regional Forum
ASEANAssociation of South-East Asian Nations
b/dbarrels per day
bbl/dbillion barrels per day
bblbillion barrels of oil
bcmbillion cubic meters
BCPBurma Communist Party
btbillion tons
BtuBritish Thermal Unit
CNOOCChina National Offshore Oil Corporation
CNPCChina National Petroleum Corporation
CTLcoal to liquids
EAIEast Asian Institute
EIAEnergy Information Administration (US)
FDIforeign direct investment
FOCACForum on China–Africa Cooperation
FTAfree-trade agreement
GAILGas Authority of India Ltd
GCCGulf Cooperation Council
GDPgross domestic product
GNIgross national income
GNPgross national product
GNPOCGreater Nile Petroleum Operating ...

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