Nearly every ambitious effort an individual concludes is couched in collaboration. China Fast Forward is an attempt to survey a wide range of industries, technologies, and social developments in China that are as disparate as they are fast-moving. The effort required me to extend my shallow perceptions of trends with which I had little experience to a depth that would provide readers informative and engaging insights. None of the revelations could have happened without the extensive rounds of conversations with the experts, analysts, and practitioners who live the developments every day in China. Any errors or omissions readers may find are solely mine.

Practitioners who have shared for years the insights and experiences they’ve gained from their hands-on work in their industries include Peter Holmes, Michael “Mickey” Duff, Mark “Six” Kissner, Robert Kong, and Fulvio Hernandez. The continued jovial support and industry-specific banter of the Blue Marlin “Think Tank” over the years in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park also contributed to insights in the book. Through the accretion of countless conversations during our gatherings I have gained a great appreciation for the efforts involved in cultivating approaches to innovation in manufacturing in China.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend Andrew Hupert for sharing his thinking and wisdom about industry trends and government involvement in China. Andrew was an adjunct professor at the Shanghai campus of ...

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