Chapter 1

Choosing and Setting Up Your Chromebook

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding what makes a Chromebook tick

arrow Selecting your very own Chromebook

arrow Using your Chromebook for the first time

arrow Transitioning to Chromebook from Windows or Mac

If you’ve been keeping up with the technology news lately, you’ve probably heard about how Google is making yet another splash in the hardware market with their Chromebook. In 2013, they captured one percent of the laptop market in the U.S., which equates to roughly 2.5 million units sold, a number expected to grow.

In this chapter, I go over what makes the Chromebook unique when compared to other personal computers on the market. I also take an in-depth look at how to set up your Chromebook and prepare you to transition to Chromebook from Windows or the Mac.

Checking Under the Hood of the Chromebook

But what is a Chromebook? In short, a Chromebook is a laptop computer running Google’s proprietary operating system, Chrome OS.

technicalstuff.eps The operating system (OS) ...

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