Chapter 10

Email with Gmail

In This Chapter

arrow Navigating Gmail

arrow Writing and sending emails

arrow Receiving and reading emails

arrow Accessing non-Gmail accounts with Gmail

arrow Using Gmail offline

In the beginning, Google was a search engine. Over time, however, Google has created or acquired hundreds, if not thousands, of software tools and platforms and connected them together to make up what is commonly referred to as the Google ecosystem. Gmail was an early innovation that quickly took root and gained international appeal. At first, Gmail was nothing more than a free email platform that offered users 1GB of email storage. However, Inbox size, coupled with Gmail’s easy-to-use interface, made the perfect recipe for growing a user base. Over the past ten years, Gmail has acquired 425 million users, and it is still free!

In this chapter, you learn how to launch Gmail on your Chromebook, read emails, and sort your emails with labels. You can explore how to write emails, add multiple recipients who are ...

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