Chapter 15

Fun with Photos

In This Chapter

arrow Using your Chromebook to take photos

arrow Editing photos

arrow Sharing photos with others

arrow Viewing photos on external media

The Chromebook is a great multimedia device. With it, you can take photos, listen to music, watch videos, share media files, surf the web, and more. Every Chromebook currently on the market comes with a built-in camera that gives you the ability to video chat and to capture photos for sharing on the web. In addition, you can load photos from external media, edit the pictures, and share them across the web. The Chromebook is definitely no slouch when it comes to multimedia!

In this chapter, you learn how to access the built-in camera to take pictures. You also find out how to edit your pictures by resizing, rotating, adding color filters, and more. I also show you how to access and manipulate photos on removable storage like SD cards.

Navigating Chromebook Camera

The application that runs your Chromebook’s camera is a native application, meaning that you don’t need Internet access to connect to it because it resides on your Chromebook ...

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