Chapter 8

Writing with Word Processing


Bullet Creating new Google Docs documents

Bullet Formatting and manipulating text

Bullet Saving, exporting, and sharing documents

A Chromebook is not just for fun and games. It’s a powerful tool for students and business users alike — even published authors! However, what makes the Chromebook powerful is not the hardware; it’s the unrestricted access to — and complete integration with — the Google platform.

One key component of the Google platform is its web-based office tools. The name often used to describe the entire suite of these tools, however informally, is Google Docs. However, this name can be confusing: Docs is also the official name of Google’s web-based word processing tool within that suite. For this book, then, when I refer to Google Docs, I’m referring to Google’s word processor.

Docs is a powerful word processor that offers an extensive amount of functionality. The goal of this chapter is not to dive into every nook and cranny of the Docs application — which would fill an entire book. Instead, I just cover the basics. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to open and create documents; write, format, and otherwise manipulate ...

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